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Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of sports fanaticism like never before as you step through the doors of India's unrivaled sports haven, the Studs Sports Bar & Grill. With an atmosphere that crackles with electric excitement, this is more than just a bar; it's a pulsating cathedral of sporting glory.

From the moment you cross the threshold, you'll be greeted by the thunderous roar of passionate fans, their spirits soaring as they rally behind their favorite teams on colossal screens that dominate the space. The air is electric, charged with the kind of fervor that only sports enthusiasts can generate. It's a symphony of cheers, laughter, and the clinking of glasses, all celebrating the universal language of sports.

The walls are adorned with iconic memorabilia from sports legends, creating an awe-inspiring shrine to athletic greatness. Jerseys signed by cricketing heroes, basketballs dunked by legends, and footballs kicked into the history books; each artifact tells a story of triumph, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

Best Sports Bar in India | The Studs

Craft out


At "The Studs," we've transcended the ordinary to create a haven where two passions unite in glorious harmony: sports and gastronomy. Our journey is guided by an unwavering commitment to deliver not just a sports bar experience, but a sensory odyssey that ignites your passion for the game and tantalizes your taste buds.


Step into "The Studs" and let your senses embark on a voyage of delight, where the boundaries between taste and triumph dissolve, and your love for sports and great food finds its perfect destination.

Live Entertainment & Great Experience


Experience heart-pounding excitement each day at Studs Sports Bar & Grill's. Join the fervent crowd as they cheer, strategize, and compete in epic challenges. From thrilling trivia showdowns to pulse-pounding gaming tournaments, it's an electrifying spectacle of camaraderie and competition.

Savor delectable bites, sip on refreshing drinks, and be part of an unforgettable sports community. Game Nights at Studs—where friendships are forged, champions rise, and the thrill of victory reigns supreme. Don't miss a single exhilarating moment!!!!!!!

India's No.1 Sports Bar | The Studs



Welcome to The Studs, where we redefine your sports and bar experience, blending the thrill of the game with the perfect pour of your favourite drink. Let your go-to destination for the best pubs in Mumbai, offering a unique combination of sports lounge, cocktail bar, live bar and music venue be The Studs: Sports Bar and Grill.

WATCH A GAME, OR Get into One

The Studs is not just a sports bar; it's your front-row seat to the most thrilling games. It is irrelevant. We have everything for sports enthusiasts. The Studs is your personal stadium, minus the queues and discomfort. At The Studs, every game becomes an event and every event turns your evening special.

Best Cocktail that Thrills, Chills, and gives Rhythmic Spills

Step into our cocktail bar for the best cocktails, where each concoction is a masterpiece. From fiery "Dragon's Breath to Studs Signature Cocktails, our drinks are crafted to complement the excitement of the game. We ensure that every sip you have has the quality that maintains the high spirit matching the sporty environment with all-natural and organic flavours.

Our cocktail bar is more than simply a spot to get drinks; it's a stage on which each drink has a tale to tell and every sports lover gets in on the fun. We ensure that your night at Studs becomes special with clinks of glasses, delectable bites, and the best tunes in the air.

Where Sports and Drinks Come Together

The Studs isn't just a sports bar; it's a sanctuary where the art of mixology meets the spectacle of sports. Our menu is a testament to this fusion, featuring signature cocktails as iconic as the sports moments. It’s a culinary journey that mirrors the diversity and vibrancy of Mumbai itself.

Let us Cater Your Memorable Evenings

The Studs isn't just a venue; it's an experience waiting to make your evening special memories for you. Our bar and lounge meet up to your unique sporty love. The Studs is the perfect backdrop for your sporty and memorable evenings.


Why The Studs?

The Studs stands as a testament to the excellence that a sports bar and grill can achieve. Here's why we're the go-to place for anybody looking for a full experience:

Mumbai's Bars

The Studs is one of Mumbai's greatest bars, not only a sports bar. Our dedication to providing an unmatched experience has made us well-known as the preferred choice for both socialites and sports fans.

Cocktail Innovation

We believe that the best cocktail is a work of art. Our mixologists push the boundaries of mixology, creating drinks that not only taste fantastic but also tell a story. The Studs is where the best cocktail meets the best game.

The Studs Sports bar and Grill

Live Bar Music

Elevate your evenings with the perfect soundtrack. Our live bar and music add a rhythmic dimension to your experience, enhancing the overall ambiance and ensuring that every visit to The Studs is a multisensory delight.

Sports Bar and Grill Excellence

At The Studs, we don't just settle for being a sports bar – we strive for excellence. Our grill menu is a testament to our dedication to providing a complete experience, with mouthwatering dishes that complement the thrill of the game.

Enjoy your next game with us!

The Studs is the place to be whether you're planning a romantic night, traveling alone, or going out with pals. The Studs Sports Bar and Grill isn't just a venue; it's an arena where every game is a celebration, and every patron is a participant.


The Studs Sports Bar and Grill stands as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly blending the worlds of sports, drinks, and entertainment. Whether you're seeking the best pubs, a vibrant sports lounge, or a cocktail bar that pushes the boundaries, The Studs is where your passions come to life. Cheers to The Studs – where sports and drinks come together in perfect harmony.


What makes The Studs the No.1 Sports Bar and Grill in India?

The Studs Sports Bar and Grill has earned its reputation as the No.1 sports bar in India through a winning combination of exceptional features and unparalleled experiences.

Making us the go-to sports bar in Mumbai. We offer a vibrant ambiance that captures the essence of each live match screening and complements the nightlife experience without falling into the dilemma of choosing one of the best two.


We ensure that every patron has a front-row seat to the live match screening, creating an atmosphere where victories are celebrated and defeats are met with camaraderie. The Studs is an immersive experience that brings sports lovers together, making it the most popular bar in Mumbai, and at the top of the list of best sports bars in Andheri and Thane.

What Locations is the Studs Present At?

The Studs Sports Bar and Grill proudly boasts multiple locations in Mumbai and around the globe, ensuring that you're never far from the action.

The Studs Haldwani, Nainital

Live the thrill of sports in the serene surroundings of Haldwani, Nainital, as The Studs brings enthusiasm to the hills.

The Studs Davangere, Karnataka

Cherish your sports fanatic side at our Davangere location, a vibrant space dedicated to the joy and excitement of the game.

The Studs Oakville, Canada

Join a sports journey at our Oakville location in Canada, where international flavors and sports unite for an unforgettable experience.

The Studs Mumbai

1. The Studs, Andheri - Immerse yourself in our vibrant sports bar in Andheri spot, the heartbeat of the city's entertainment, offering easy access to the latest live matches.

2. The Studs, Thane - Relax and revel in sports at our cozy Thane destination, an immersive experience for sports enthusiasts.

The Studs Bangalore

1. The Studs, JP Nagar - Witness the lively energy of a sports bar in Bangalore at our vibrant JP Nagar outlet, designed for sports enthusiasts.

2. The Studs, Sahakarnagar - Experience a dynamic sports atmosphere at Sahakarnagar, a welcoming spot promising engaging experiences.


3. The Studs, Banashankari - Immerse yourself in the sports scene at Banashankari, a friendly location celebrating the spirit of competition.

Come visit us at The Studs – where the excitement of sports and the rhythm of live music converge for an unforgettable experience.

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