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India's First Homegrown and Globally recognised Concept of Authentic Sports Bars, The Studs Serves a combination of Ultimate Food, Drinks & Sports Entertainment in an Easy to Go Pub Destination. Founded by Miten Shah & Abhilash Menon in Mumbai in 2017, the Studs has a presence of 15 Outlets in India. By 2025, The Studs targets to become the Global Chain of World's Favourite Sports Bar and a have a presence in all the significant sports capitals of the world. Studs Sports Bar & Grill aims to be the premier global destination for the ultimate fusion of food, sports, events, and drinks. We aspire to create an inclusive, high-energy haven where people of all backgrounds come together for unforgettable moments, making us the ultimate one-stop solution for good times worldwide.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the ultimate one-stop destination for food, sports, events, drinks, and good times, creating unforgettable experiences.

Gourmet Food and Drinks | The Studs

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Why The Studs?

The Studs stands as a testament to the excellence that a sports bar and grill can achieve. Here's why we're the go-to place for anybody looking for a full experience:

Mumbai's Bars

The Studs is one of Mumbai's greatest bars, not only a sports bar. Our dedication to providing an unmatched experience has made us well-known as the preferred choice for both socialites and sports fans.

Cocktail Innovation

We believe that the best cocktail is a work of art. Our mixologists push the boundaries of mixology, creating drinks that not only taste fantastic but also tell a story. The Studs is where the best cocktail meets the best game.

The Studs Sports bar and Grill

Live Bar Music

Elevate your evenings with the perfect soundtrack. Our live bar and music add a rhythmic dimension to your experience, enhancing the overall ambiance and ensuring that every visit to The Studs is a multisensory delight.

Sports Bar and Grill Excellence

At The Studs, we don't just settle for being a sports bar – we strive for excellence. Our grill menu is a testament to our dedication to providing a complete experience, with mouthwatering dishes that complement the thrill of the game.


What makes The Studs the No.1 Sports Bar and Grill in India?

The Studs Sports Bar and Grill has earned its reputation as the No.1 sports bar in India through a winning combination of exceptional features and unparalleled experiences.

Making us the go-to sports bar in Mumbai. We offer a vibrant ambiance that captures the essence of each live match screening and complements the nightlife experience without falling into the dilemma of choosing one of the best two.


We ensure that every patron has a front-row seat to the live match screening, creating an atmosphere where victories are celebrated and defeats are met with camaraderie. The Studs is an immersive experience that brings sports lovers together, making it the most popular bar in Mumbai, and at the top of the list of best sports bars in Andheri and Thane.

Why we are the safest & fairest place to party & have a goodtime?

Studs Sports Bar & Grill proudly shines as the epitome of safe, inclusive, and unparalleled entertainment for all ages, sexes, races, and teams in our city. Safety is our priority, with stringent measures ensuring a worry-free experience. Whether you're a sports fanatic or a night owl, our diverse events cater to every taste. Families, friends, and individuals find a welcoming haven here. From thrilling game nights to live music, it's where unity thrives amidst laughter and cheers. At Studs, you're not just a guest; you're part of an extraordinary community, making memories in the best and safest nightlife destination our city has to offer.

Elevating Nightlife Experience | The Studs

Best Place for Events and Nightlife!


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