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Perfect Trio for IPL Live Match Screening at The Studs: Cricket, Food and Drinks

Updated: May 10

Cricket is not just a sport in India, it is a religion that brings millions of fans together across the country. The roar that we hear when the ball hits the boundaries not only brings joy to the people but also unites the people from all backgrounds under the name of cricket lovers. The IPL fever with a combination of live cricket match screening has further fuelled this affection to make it one of the most expected brandish occasions of the year, with its quick-moving activity, elegant arrangements, and nail-gnawing endings.

IPL Live Match Screening | Food and Drinks: The Studs Sports Bar and Grill

The overall experience at The Studs during an IPL match is nothing short of spectacular. From the second you stroll in, you're welcomed by the sights and sounds of cricket fever, as fanatics of any age accumulate to celebrate their affection for the game. The buzzing energy, mouth watering food, refreshing drinks, and electric atmosphere all contribute to a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Fun of Watching an IPL Match at The Studs

At The Studs, we understand the incredible delight of watching an IPL match with fellow cricket fans. As the excitement builds and the teams take to the field, the atmosphere in our field becomes jolting. The roars of the group supporting their team, the cheers of accomplishment, and the gasps of expectation make an environment as exciting as being at the actual arena. With many live match screens streaming the action live in high definition and surround sound magnifying every cheer and groan, watching an IPL match at The Studs is unlike any other.

Cricket and The Studs Food: A Winning Combination

What's a cricket match without some delicious food to munch on? The Studs have an extensive range of choices when it comes to food. As any match is incomplete without the food that complements your IPL live match screening experience. We have variety of choices right from light starters to hearty main dishes, our food menu has something for everyone. Our Food Chefs have you covered for every meal you choose, whether you like real bar nibbles like Warm-Up Munchies, Kick-off Bite, or something more substantial like burgers. Don't forget to pair your supper with one of our classic and best cocktails or mocktails for the perfect blend of taste and refreshment.

Cricket and The Studs Drinks: Cheers to Victory

Any cricket match remains incomplete without a refreshing drink to toast your team's winning moment. The Studs takes pride in giving the customers a variety of choices to select from its drinks menu. The drinks menu has something for everybody, with a wide assortment of cocktails bar drinks going from works of art like Mojitos and Margaritas to exceptional manifestations like our unique Studs Spritzers. For the people who incline toward non-cocktails, our mocktail menu incorporates different invigorating and luscious choices.

Celebrating Victory: Dance the Night Away

When the game comes to a thrilling conclusion and your team wins, the best way to celebrate is to get on the dance floor. At The Studs, we offer a designated dance floor, where you can set free and praise your group's victory however much you want. With music echoing and drinks flowing, it's the greatest way to cover an amazing evening of cricket, food, and beverages.

What to Expect at The Studs

When you go to The Studs to watch an IPL live match, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of service, entertainment, and the experience as a whole. Our inviting staff is focused on ensuring you have a fabulous encounter from start to finish, whether you're giving a shout out to your group, enjoying brilliant food and drinks, or moving the night away. With state of the art conveniences, top notch administration, and an immovable love of cricket, The Studs is the best spot for IPL fans wishing to watch the game in style.

Community and Camaraderie

One of the things that sets The Studs apart is its strong sense of community and camaraderie. As you watch the match close by individual cricket lovers, you'll feel a feeling of having a place and association that is difficult to reproduce somewhere else. Whether you're high-fiving outsiders after a limit or taking part in an exuberant talk with rival fans, The Studs is where fellowships are produced and recollections are made.Visit The Studs to see our sports community of cricket fans and experience the delight of the IPL more than ever. Whether you're a long-term fan or an easygoing watcher, The Studs will welcome you with a warm greeting and a unique air. Come for the cricket, remain for the companionship, and leave with remarkable recollections.

Live Entertainment and Performances

In addition to the live cricket match screening, The Studs also offers live entertainment and performances to keep you entertained throughout the match. At The Studs, there is always something going on to keep the energy up and the excitement continuing. This includes DJ sets, live music, stand-up comedy, and dance shows.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the live entertainment as you cheer on your team and indulge in delicious food and drinks. Whether you're praising a wicket, toasting your group's triumph, or basically taking in the environment, our live diversion adds one more element of energy to your IPL experience at The Studs.

Victory Vibes: Keep the Party Rolling

After the exhilarating thrill of the match, The Studs transforms into a vibrant hub of post-match celebrations, where the excitement and energy continue to reverberate long after the final ball has been bowled. Our post-match parties are the ideal method for toasting your team’s triumph or sympathizing after a hard-taken-on match, creating an ambiance of brotherhood and satisfaction among individual fans.


As you step into The Studs post-match celebrations, you'll be welcomed by a jolting feeling, with throbbing music, lively lighting, and an irresistible enthusiasm that moves throughout the setting. The air is loaded up with cheers, chuckling, and the aggregate buzz of fans remembering the ups and downs of the game.


Raise a glass and toast to your team's success with our extensive selection of beverages, including refreshing cocktails, bar drinks menu, chilled beers, and premium spirits. Whether you favor an exemplary beverage or signature concoction inspired by the spirit of cricket, our master bartenders are close by to make the ideal bar drink to complement your mood and celebrate the event.

Mix with other fans and engage in lively conversations about the game, discussing your favorite moments, noteworthy plays, and notable performances. Swap tales, predictions, and experiences with other cricket fans, forming new friendships and connections through your common interest for the game.


Relive the game's highlights on our massive live match screening, which depicts the crucial moments, critical plays, and exciting action that took place on the field. From jaw-dropping catches to boundary-breaking sixes, every moment is caught in crystal-clear detail, allowing you to relive the excitement.

Enjoy a variety of delectable foods and snacks from our post-game food menu, perfect for replenishing after the game. From substantial bar drinks, works of art to connoisseur delights, our culinary contributions are meant to satisfy your wants and propel the celebrations forward later.As the evening progresses, the energy level increases and the party atmosphere reaches its climax. Dance the night away on our expansive dance floor, where you can groove to the hottest tracks performed by our regular DJs or show off your talents in unexpected dance-offs with other guests.


The Studs' post-game celebrations are an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the soul of cricket fans, whether you're celebrating a great win or mourning a close loss. So go along with us as we raise a glass to the soul of the game and party until quite a bit later, in light of the fact that the good times never stops at The Studs!


The Studs provides the ideal setting for watching IPL live matches: cricket, cuisine, and best cocktails. With a vibrant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, refreshing beverages, and additional features such as exclusive decor, VIP viewing areas, interactive fan contests, post-match analysis, extended hours, family-friendly amenities, and stringent safety measures, The Studs is the ultimate destination for IPL fans looking for an unforgettable experience. Join us for an evening of cricket action, gastronomic pleasures, and friendship, and create memories that last a lifetime.



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